We wanted to take the opportunity to share our view regarding the recent market turmoil and how we plan to work in your best interests over the coming weeks and months. The downturn in the FTSE and Dow are well documented, we have seen a significant correction in the FTSE 100 since the 20th of February and whilst there have been days when the market has rallied strongly, we believe that current levels of volatility are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.


It is important to note that your investment portfolio will NOT be tracking the FTSE or DOW, portfolios are far wider diversified and contain gilts, cash and other investment instruments which are far less volatile and designed to create some stability in difficult financial markets.  We remain calm and are minded not to react to make changes or alterations that could ultimately see you miss when the market rallies.  This is reflected in what we see in the wider market where discretionary fund managers are not making changes in spite of their ability to alter portfolios at will. 


It might be worth considering that we have seen significant corrections in both 2008 and 2018 and within a short period of time losses were regained, whilst we cannot give a guarantee our view is that clients should remain calm and fully invested, present losses are more likely to be recovered by staying in the market. 


As a business, we remain fully operational and open for business.  Due to our exceptional I.T. facilities, we can work remotely and securely from any location, meaning that we can continue to service our clients should a quarantine situation enforce closure of our offices. 


As always we are available to discuss your circumstances and concerns with you at any time.


Finally you can be assured we continue to monitor the situation ensuring your best interests are served.


Kind Regards

Simon Funge

Managing Director

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