WWFP Invite Big Cheeses for a Taste Test

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Published Thursday, April 26th 2012

Members of Cornwall’s business community came together for a friendly cheese and wine tasting competition at the invitation of Worldwide Financial Planning in March.

The event at the Alverton Manor Hotel brought together Cornish professionals for a social event with a difference.

Guests were invited to form teams to pit their taste buds against the rest of the business community in a friendly test of their cheese and wine expertise.

And the ability to spot a Merlot from Rioja or a Roquefort from a Camembert was thoroughly challenged in the friendly competition.

Truro’s Experience Wine provided six different wines for teams to taste with each bottle disguised – each numbered bottle then had to be matched to the list of wines they were given.

In the second round of the competition teams were tasked with matching the right name to an array of exotic cheeses provided by The Cheese Shop in Truro.

At the end of the night two teams were level on points at the finish and the crown of Tasters of Truro had to be decided with a tie-break.

WC Tasters lost out narrowly to the inventively named Table 9, consisting of Matt Dewhurst from WWFP, Jonathan Wilde of Wilde Law, Charlotte Cole of Celtic Sheepskin, Will Atlee of Miller Commercial and Dave Rogers of Clydesdale Bank.

Neil Chamberlain of Worldwide Financial Planning, and captain of WC Tasters, said: “Nigel Ede of Experience Wine and Mike Freeman from The Cheese Shop were excellent and it really was a great night with some excellent wines and cheeses.

“Credit must also go to Jeannie Cain and Matt Higham from WWFP who – apart from Matt’s dubious decision on which should be the winning team – did a brilliant job of organizing the event.”

“The feedback has been extremely positive from all quarters and it was a really great opportunity to get the business community together.”


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